Hi all you daihatsu enthusiasts


I’m Peter from sydney and used to be on daihard and owned a G200 detom look a like anyhow I now own a 600hp Xr6 falcon and about to embark a full restoration on a Compagno ute.
The only challenge now is I can’t walk as i become a quadriplegic last year from a work accident.

Anyhow good to be here.
Peter or in the old days detom93[/URL][/img]


Welcome back Peter. Awful to know of you accident. Do you have any old images of you Detom you could share here? Love the XR6 Turbo, and esp with 600hp. I have quite a few friends with them, a couple over 500hp but none quite at 600. I’ve thought about a turbo Territory to two my small excavator and the race car (need awd).

A Campagno ute. Must be a first here. Can’t wait to see and hear about that. Wow.


Love that front end. I really dig the slanted bonnet as it falls between round headlights. You have me on edge wanting to hear about this.

Fantastic. good luck friend