Hi an Detomaso Charade form the Netherlands!


My name is Kenneth and im 29 years old!
Im a big fan from the Daihatsu Charades!
I own 2 cars: Daihatsu Charade 1.6 GTI and the Daihatsu Charade 1.6 Detomaso!

Specs of the Daihatsu Charade Detomaso:
The engine in the car is the high compression engine which needs ecu (searching for motec and somebody that can give me some tips) to run well. It has fly cut 1.3 hc-e pistons on 1.6 crank and rods!, high lift 1143c Tighe Cams , ported head with double valve springs, adjustable cam gear and engine blueprinted.
I bought this car from a friend in the UK, he bought this engine from somebody out of Australia! The car is running but i really need a standalone ecu, to do some adjustments…

See the pictures below:

See the videos below:
Daihatsu Charade Detomaso 1.6 high compression engine
Test drive

Specs of the Daihatsu Charade 1.6 GTI:
This is my daily car. It runs with a 1.6 HD engine.
1.3 HCE computer for more RPM and a different way of injecting the gasoline.
The car has a 2 inch exhaust system with a cold air system, and really runs well!

See the pictures below:


Welcome to the forum Kenneth, 2 very nice looking Charades you have there. Have you thought about other ecu’s at all, Link, Haltech etc?

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Hi mate welcome they both look really nice.

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Thank you Mokeman!
I had some contact with MRT performance and they told me that the Motec standalone ecu is working well on the Charade. But i dont have so much experience with the standalone ecu’s, so im open for new ideas!

Hi mate! Thanks! You too mate! I follow you also on Instagram!

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Nice Charades, always nice to see some H-Series motors that have been modified. Your Detomaso has traveled a long way to get to the Netherlands!

I run a 1.6 Detomaso block with 1.3 pistons block in my 91 1.3 Charade. I am hoping to have throttle bodies on it by the end of May. It also runs a Camtech Stage 2 regrind cam with heavy duty valve springs.

Back in 2011 I knew nothing about ECU’s, but that didn’t stop me from researching, buying, assembling and wiring in a Megasquirt ECU. I run a coil trigger wheel and coil pack too, the main reason being that the older Charades did not have ECU control for ignition.

Probably the biggest thing to consider is who can tune the ECU in your area, there is no point in getting an ECU that no one knows how to install or tune.

Look forward to seeing more updates - I have often wondered about getting the Tighe 1143C for my car too.

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Thanks bro!

Yes it was! Im very happy with both of them!

That sounds nice bro, is your car already running? MRT performance contact me with some “rally” tune company’s close by. So i think that will be okay. But can you enlightening me about the coil trigger wheel and coil pack? Is that the same principle as the adjustable cam gear? Im still a rookie:rofl:

Yes off course i will keep you guys updated!

This update i received last week:

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The trigger wheel is a 36-1 trigger wheel with a VR sensor - based on the Ford Edis type setup. The coil pack is a IGN-4 I bought from DIY Autotune. See pics below:


Welcome aboard. Great cars. Thanks for the pics

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Ah yep cool thought i recognised you :+1:

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welcome mate these look awesome!

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That looks amazing! I am not familiar with this upgrade. Do you have other performances with this setup? And do you have a video?

I did this dyno run a few months before I changed to the 1.3 pistons - this was with the std Detomaso pistons, the head and block had been machined to increase the compression ratio. It made 84.5kw (112.5 hp) at the wheels, not too bad for an old single cam 1.6. For comparison a standard 1.6 Mazda MX5 makes around 67.5kw / 90hp at the wheels.


Thats a really nice score. Thats around 130hp on the engine i guess? Nice sound tho!

I am interested in that coil trigger wheel and coil pack do you think that will work with my detomaso?
Throttle bodies for a charade? Did i miss something? Is that on the market…!?

The intake is my creation from a Detomaso manifold and a set of bodies from a GSXR600.

The reason I put the coil pack on my motor is because the G102 does not have ECU ignition control. Later G200 models (like the Detomaso) have this already. Once you get your ECU your tuner should be able to advise you.

Thats nice bro! Let me know when it works!

I have a question out of curiosity; how much would it cost if you also made a custom set for me or somebody else? I’m orienting myself a bit about the ITBs. I think the sound is crazy haha!

Yes the sound of ITB’s - something I love, and something you just don’t get with a turbo setup. The best I have ever heard is Jeff Cooper’s Honda CRX - do a search on YouTube.

Once I am finished and happy with my ITBs I will be posting how I did it on the forum. Not sure about making more though at this stage.


Another one is sushpants on youtube with his 4AGE corolla :wink:

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Omg that sound tho:heart_eyes: amazing!

Thats fine! Im very curious about that!