Hi Ben from Melbourne Vic here - S76Hijet

Hi, I have just stumbled across and now have a S76 Hijet 4WD that was disused, has 60,000 original on the clock was one owner a farm truck till the clutch packed it in the was parked up, the tray is rusted out but the rest is pretty fair. Owner just wanted it gone.
Put a new battery in it on the weekend and it starts (manual fuel supply) seems fuel pump is dead. This week has been a steep learning curve and I have been looking about for service manuals for S76 Trucks and CB-41 Engines but thus not found any.
I plan to use it to move mulch and dirt around my yard once its going.


Wow, cool Dai. Your pragmatic choice of vehicle to move stuff resonates well with me. I have a small excavator and a 4x4 hi jet would complement it really well. Looking forward to seeing some pics and hearing how it goes. So welcome.

Other than the tray its in pretty good nic.
I find it pretty amazing how bad the tray is and how little rust there is elsewhere


welcome mate what a score. If you ever decided to do something with it besides a moving stuff carter then you could make abit of money from it depending how much the resto/tray cost you ofcoarse. These are more sort after now and can sometimes reach a fairly decent price.

Nice find!

I can’t help you with a manual for the truck, but you can find a manual for the CB engine here. It’s not specifically for the CB-41 but they are generally the same. The biggest differences are the sump and oil pick-up tube and possibly the fuel system.


Cheers, thanks for that.

Hello and welcome to the forum, nice little vehicle you have there,.

thanks all. well engine now starts and runs well except doesn’t like to idle. gearbox out to see why no drive and a totally disintegrated clutch will cause that. new clutch here and hopefully in this weekend and it will be all go