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Hi enthusiasts and brain trust,

Originally bought my first F2 back in 2009 for the fuel economy, being a student, even ran it on LPG can you believe? Have spent time changing the suspension and doing modest interior & mechanical work on my latest. Really happy with the charades, easy to work on, parts no problem and I’m not chewing the bit because it’s an expensive car I might stuff up.

Hope to keep going with the tuning mods as a hobby and end up with an excellently handling daily that I might take to the track one day, if it would make enough power that is. The discussions here are great, it really enthuses me to plan the next project stage. Looking forward to having a workshop next January to do an engine swap, a unit from a Detomaso Half Cut that I bought discarded in pieces for a hand full of dollars.

My first car was a 1970 Datsun 1600, which I bought in 1984, I put in a tape player and seat covers LOL. It was also probably the only car I ‘never’ pulled the engine out of.

Cheers, Carl


welcome Carl love the f2 they are getting harder to get along with detomasso stuff too so well done with getting everything in the first place. Your charade is definately good enough to get on track. In Qld we have had about 4 track days and we have had stock 660cc mira’s on track so really the difference between your car going on track or not is really up to you. There are also many different forms of “tracks” to choose from also like motorkhana, to hillclimb, sprints and so forth.

Welcome aboard Carl. My first car was a Datsun 1600 also but at year after you got yours (I had four at one point in time ). Where are you located?

Thanks Evilhighway,
If it has power windows I’m on board. Tucked away iI have a Detomaso that I’ll get to drive when I’m working on my F2. … Your info on track days sounds good, I’ll keep an eye on those. How are those advertised? There is a Facebook group that I joined or is there a website? Even if I didn’t drive, it would be great to see other Daihatsu Desu racing around the track. … The F2 was 58Kw on the Dyno, gearbox is good, I do take it easy on second gear, would like to last, it is a reliable car. … Difference in power against the Detomaso is big. The 1600 feels like it slaps the rev limiter by comparison. … I like suspension mods, so did a bit on this one also. It runs 14’ wheels, which feel soft and give some body roll, compared to the 16’ on the F2. I guess these are the things that I explore for the Track.

Hello Mr_Gormsby,

I’m living around Byron Bay, certainly feel the distance when I’m out collecting parts. Hence the reason I have stock piled lots of stuff for future projects. … It’s amazing to see a Datsun 1600 these days, I was wrapped in the independent suspension and that you could, if you had the money, put dual choke webers/solex onto them (I heard on Youtube these being referred to as ‘Analog’). Eventually sold it and bought a 2000 Sports, but that thing had leaf spring suspension and a live axel on the rear. The engine made up for it. Much like Nissan motors today, the head gasket blew fairly often. … Thanks for your content Mr_Gormsby, your posts are great, I like that you bust through the idea idea that there are limits to what you can achieve in the Charade. … look forward to reading more here.

I hear there is a place I can catalog log my builds, just as an intro here’s some photos.
The White F2 came with Yellow Speed competition coilers and while they’re great for the smooth tar, but are quite dangerous on shitty potholed country roads. Before I bought this one it had literally bounced off the road, hence the price tag.

I put a new front bar on.

You can see the pen marks where I’m going to cut in the F2 vents in the Bar.

Don’t worry about the sticker bomb, it’s a JDM Initial D thing!!


you can start a build log in the build section just start a new thread and document all you like. Its good for other’s to read and get idea’s and also great as a reminder for yourself too.

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Hey mate, Welcome to the forum! Cool chazza!
I’m usually the one to organise the trackdays for Qld which are usually held at either Lakeside Raceway or Ipswich Raceway. Next one I organise will likely be about May next year. The NSW boys recently had a trackday too, but, that’s down Sydney way.
I will post about it here and on the fb group when I do organise it. When we are on track it’s only our group out there, so you don’t have to worry too much about being in peoples way.


Actually I nearly forgot Im entered in a rally track day at willowbank rally track in 2 weeks in my move it should be a bit of fun trying not to roll hahaha!