Hi Everyone bc

Hi everyone, joining a car forum is new for me as Iโ€™ve never really been into car to be honest but have brought my first Daihatsu Mira a 89 model so thought why not search a community for it and came across this. So joined up and im here :grin: im a newbie (28yrs) so nice to meet you all, im from New Zealand so any help would be appreciated. Cheers everyone :smiley::smiley:


Welcome! Do you have a picture of your car? Would love to see that.


Sure thing, Iโ€™ll be getting it in 4 weeks because its being transported from the South Island here in NZ so Iโ€™ll upload a couple of pictures once its here in the North Island. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forum :smiley: plenty of people here will gladly help you with advice and tips when you get it, my first tip would be give it a good service if you donโ€™t know the history of the vehicle and when it was last done. Looking forward to your posts :slight_smile:


wow! 4 door <3 that is stunning.

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