Hi everyone need help thanks😊

Hi guys so I own a daihatsu mira and I’m new to this forum :hugs:

So I’ve recently bought a daihatsu sirion 1L just wondering what modifications to I need to complete this amazing project :blush:

What brakes,cvs etc. ?

A sirion M101s with a K3VE(2) engine :yum:. Youll get better brakes and twice the power! Awesome and easy conversion.

Hi mate welcome when you say mira do you mean L200, L500, L251 or L700? Many people call the L700 a mira and many call the L251 charade. It depends what part of the world your in as to what they are known as. So what model is yours?

I’m guessing the 1l is for 1000cc. Perhaps a Sirion or a Cuore. But could be a Charade too?

Welcome MoRamz. If you could find out what model or add a picture we can help a bit more.

Sorry guys!! it’s a 94 l200 mira and a 1L from a sirion


What pcd does it have? Orignal is 4stud 110pcd. If you have such then the next step is perhaps going to 100pcd. Sirion rear drums are almost a straight bolt on swap (swap in the larger diameter slave cylinders too). The only mod is swapping the inboard bearings around (and keep the original tube that goes between the bearings). Front nubs from a Sirion bolt in place using L700 control arms to give better brakes, more neg camber and get rid of axle flex that occurs when pushed hard. You will find your old struts will not swap without re-drilling the mount holes.

What is the intended us of the car?

Not sure what pcd they are but ill have a look thanks :blush: and i bought the other car to do a engine and turbo conversion ! Is it easy to install the new motor and would I need anything for it ?

“…easy to install”? That would depend on the relative difference for which you and I interpreted “easy”. Compared to more modern stuff I call or shout out “it’s easy”. That there is a base of knowledge here I’d say “easy”. Being Japanese there is some “easy” right there. But there are a few tricks. If you have really specific questions you’ll get help here.

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Really need help what cv joints will I need for the conversion as I have the sirion 1L engine going in this week. Thanks!

are you just putting the 1L in the mira? if so you can use the original 660cc gearbox and shafts, the EJ-DE bolts up to the box and the original engine mounts, but you will need to hook all the wiring up. pretty sure there is a list of what is needed if you want to do the 4x100 conversion for the better braking system, more wheel choices etc, just have to search the forum a little bit.