Hi everyone, this is my $350 g200!

Hi everyone, i recently purchased another charade after many years from my original g200 rag top was sold on.
i got her home on a trailer and let her rest for a couple of days till i had time i take a look at her.

The initial plan was to replace the worn engine mount and find out why it was running before the rego ran out (it came with 4 months rego) and use it as a daily… but that didnt happen.

After a little bit of testing found there was no spark or injector pulse. pulled apart the dizzy to find it had foobar’d its self. got a second hand unit from the wreckers and we were on the road however the motor was bouncing everywhere with the janked engine mount.
Quickly replaced the engine mount and managed to snap off 1 of the bolts while doing it :expressionless: oh well 2 bolts are better than no bolts haha.

The body was a bit rough with some decent scrapes and some paint bubbling. started to strip the bubbling paint only to find bog… lots and lots of bog… i ended up blowing a blood vessel and going crazy with the grinder stripping all the paint from the panels (except the roof).
Hit the bumpers and roof with some silver hammer tone paint to hide the rest of the white.
Also wanted to do something different with the aesthetics while using only materials i had lying around.
The rear quarter windows ended up getting the flick and replaced with some 1.5mm zinc coated sheet steel.

Jumping forward a couple weeks, Mighty car mods released a flaming exhaust video and i thought i could 1 up them as all the kits they used were well useless…
Purchased a 12v solenoid, 3/8 air fittings and high pressure gas tube from ebay, a propane torch and propane canister from bunnings and a jacobs ladder kit from jaycar. this was the end result.

The flame thrower was the spark that got myself and all my friends thinking, what next? then i noticed an old CAT locomotive turbo in the back of the garage!received_10154556341051556

seeing as the turbo was almost the same size as the HC motor i purchased chinese knock off skyline turbo from ebay and started mocking up a turbo kit in the shed.
found an old Haltech E11v2 ecu, intercooler, oil cooler with remote oil filter and sv6 cat converter laying around.
purchased the following,
-yellow coil overs
-turbosmart BOV and FPR
-walbro pump
-innovate gauges (oil, boost, o2)
-hilux bonnet scoop
-quick release bumper fasteners
-mamba adjustable wastegate
-mamba oil and water line kit for turbo
-universal sump oil return fitting for turbo
-4runner injectors and new plugs with pigtails
-upper motor gasket kit (rocker cover, spark plug tubes, ect)
-new belts
-new applause clutch
-new drive shafts
-new intake and exhaust gaskets
-alloy intake tube
-K&N pod filter
-180Sx seats
-led H4 Hi/Lo headlight globes
probably more that i have forgotten but you get the point haha.

I have also moved the battery behind the drivers seat to make room for the intercooler and oil cooler.
i put the batter behind the drivers seat as i intend to make the rear into a van by removing the rear seat and installing some ply to make it a flat surface in the back that was i can use the charade as a secondary work vehicle.

This is as far as i have come so far in the build but i will periodically update this thread when get more done.


Damn what a ton of work, keep it up

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It hasn’t been that much work as I will just do an hour or 2 at a time after work.
Overall amount of hours is somewhere near 35 if I include all the time my mates have helped out.

Awesome work on this charade berolec! Well done. Looking forward to seeing more on your build. Love the flamethrower :fire: :+1:t3:

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Have you dropped compression at all? Also any pics of said rag top??

no didnt worry about compression. with all the head gasket issues the H series motors have its likely its going to blow out under low boost anyway. i have a couple spare motors. plan to boost them till they pop.154189_468085486555_6865397_n
a pic of my old fleet inc my old rag top " you a tool" had applause motor and brakes.


bit of a build update on my G200 turbo van conversion

removed the rear seats and welded up 2 frames.

the rear frame has a hatch to access the spare tyre well (which is where the sub woofer is going) and the front frame hinges off the factory rear seat back rest hinges.

cut up an old rug to line the back :+1::ok_hand:

hopefully get the new 2nd hand ball joints in this week along with new pads and yellow coil overs


What a awesome looking build mate, keep it up.

Yellow coil overs installed and bad ball joint replaced.
Picked up a daihatsu applause for $250 on the weekend. Pulled the hd motor + manual tranny and all the disk breaks.
Looks like the g200 is getting a break upgrade now as well :joy:
Taking the rest often applause to the scrap yard at the end of the week so if anyone wants any interior bits, lock set, window glass ect better let me know quickly!!