Hi everyone!

Hi D-heads,

Just joined the forum after lurking for a few weeks reading up about the EJ-DE/EJ-VE engine and M100 gearbox problems.

The main reason I joined is to ask:
Has anyone had success with finding an LSD?

I don’t have a Daihatsu yet because I’m still researching what I can do to an L251RS Charade. Has anyone on here decided to use one for a project car?

If so, how the heck do you find parts or has everything been custom made or adapted to fit?

I have so many questions but I really like the community here and hope to stick around for a few years at least so I’m in no rush to machine gun a hundred questions at once.

Peace! :v:t3:

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Please don’t flame me for not knowing. Can someone please tell me if any of these work with the L251 Charade?

I’d really appreciate it

41101-B080 seems to fit any EF engine.

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not sure on the k3 engines but most other’s should dont know what modifications would need to be done to make them fit.

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Thanks for the replies. The car I’m looking at has en EJ 1.0L. Whether it’s a VE or a DE I’m not certain what Australian delivered 2005 Charades are…

I was looking at the Storia as it says EJ. Is that the one I should go for?

Oh, and anyone on here up for a group buy?

$800ish each (without shipping) if the currency converter isn’t exaggerating

its the same engine ejde in australia just the mounts are different. Australia never got storia as such it is known as a sirion here also the charade your looking at is known as an L251 Mira also which is in the L250 range i think. Charade is just what they are called here hence the 251 and not the 250 also.


Awesome! Thanks for the info!

I guess I’ll get the Storia LSD then!

The other thing I’d like to know is which brakes fit this car and will be the best choice for a 80-100kw turbo EJDE. Custom brakes through somewhere like Ceika (I’d have to run 15" wheels for clearance I’m guessing) or would Sirion brakes be about as good?

Look into Copen discs and calipers. I would think they will be “bolt on”. You might have to measure up what you have and ask someone here to verify the Copen bits. I have some rotors but no calipers.


Thanks Mr Gormsby. I’ll look into Copen brakes after I pick up the car (soon hopefully).

I’ve had a few cars over the years but never a real project car and I’ve only installed bolt on mods which were made specifically for that car. That leads me to my next question:

Can I install a Daihatsu Move steering wheel into the L25x? It has an airbag and the thing I’m not sure about is whether I can just hook up the airbag wires or if I’ll have to solder a resistor in series to make it have the same resistance as the original steering wheel airbag…?


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Resistance? Could even be a digital signal. Anyone else know?

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no idea sorry especially if its like the one in the pic the australian delivered moves were much different.

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Man I had a BMW seat airbag blow on me once in a car from work. The wiring was damaged from an accident and when we were removing the interior to repair it the seat went off right next to my body.
I genuinely couldn’t hear for like a minuit.
Point is id be careful with the wiring. Iv pulled heaps on and off and swapped between models but not played with resistance. Look into it properly first. If it goes off while your driving it could kill you. Not the bag but the hands blown off the wheel and the size plus all the powder. Can’t see or control anything.
If you want to try it, get a friend to hook it up for you. :grimacing:

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Haha “get a friend to hook it up for you”

I’m going to take the risk and get one from Japan but I think most couriers will decline it as it will have the airbag in it so I will probably have to ship it by sea.

I have more questions! (someone please tell me if I should be making a new thread for each question).

Anyone know the redline in RPM for the 1.0L? Would it be safe to take it up to 6500RPM? The wikipedia page says peak hp (63hp) is made at 5600RPM but I’m wondering if I put in a new cluster from a higher model Daihatsu with a tachometer what I should be aiming for in a cluster. Found a Gran Move cluster in which the redline starts at ~6500RPM.

Gran Move Cluster

Haha. Once I bought a glanza steering wheel from yahoo Japan and when I got it the airbag was taped to the outside of the box with postal company tape.
It blew the side of the box apart and they just taped the airbag to the external of the box and delivered it.
I got a refund and was pretty upset but god I was laughing. Just made me laugh that they didn’t poke it back inside the box just taped it down.


Maybe make threads in the Questions and Answers section for everyone’s future reference?

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Thanks Mokeman. Will do!