Hi from a hijet owner

Hi all,
New to the forum, and to Daihatsu ownership. Finally got a hijet after a couple of years of looking and bidding, buying, freight and government red tape. Enjoying the kei truck life south of Adelaide Australia.


Hello and welcome to the forum. Am I right in saying this was Tom Bryant’s HiJet?

Welcome. V nice indeed. What year is it?

Welcome and thats one great looking little ute!

Welcome to live to dai forums :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. Any future plans? :slight_smile:

not unless he lived in japan and sold it via auction :slight_smile:

I doubt that, that’s awfully specific.
How is the space with the extra cab?

probably a small lift in its future, possibly some power mods at some point after a drive it for a while. Happy with it currently as it is.

extra cab is great, bit less tray than a regular cab, but better seats, and the ability to recline is a win for me. If i need the extra cargo space i’ll just use my ‘real car’ and trailer. Fun little daily so far


2016, Mr_Gormsby