Hi from auck, nz

Hi all,
Please don’t hold it against me
Yes I’m a kiwi
I’m new (kinda) to this stuff
But in many ways been around this for a while …dating back to MADCOW wondering if any old schoolers are still on here
I’ve been in daihatsu performance since I knew what a car was
Dad raced a few, my first car was a GTXX, and I’ve had a fair few since.
I’ve been playing with other stuff for a while, but back into it all big time now
Currently have a detomaso hack/daily, two m300 sirion and three L700’s. Oh and just grabbed a yrv turbo for a giggle
Yes, I have a bit of a problem some may think, but this is actually me quite well under control at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I’m getting stuck into these k3 engines now. So of you’re doing interesting things with them and posting on here, then expect to be stalked!
I’m planning on pushing mine to the limit. I do a bit of street stuff but am mainly interested in circuit duty
See ya all around


Welcome man… Circuit stuff is where it’s at… You got any onboards of the tracks you do?

Yeah bit not in anything too interesting yet. Will get stuck into making a few when I get the Mira out in next few months

Hi Patrick your Tim’s brother i’m guessing? I was back on madcow and daihard in the day as Mark T. You were LOUFO if i remember correctly?

welcome Patrick. I thought the name looked familiar until welby said Tim and then I thought i got it all wrong. Daihard is still there. I occasionally remember my password (but havent for about 3 -4 months now) and well trying to get in there when you forget your password is pretty impossible.
Lots of old good info still in there too if you can sort through it all.

Hope you like this format of forum and good to see people still in the dai life.

Welcome Pat.

I think we may have spoken in the past regarding the K3 into L700… on the faceballs.

Welcome to L2D

hey dude,
I don’t remember much of anything to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:slight_smile:Yes, I’m Tim’s brother, and he has LOUFO now, but back in the day it was a fella by the name Shaun who had the plates then. Now on Tim’s GTti race car

Ah yeah that’s right was a long time ago haha.