Hi from Australia

Hi everyone,
New to the forum and looking to be a part of the community. The wife and I have an 2000 M100 Sirion that has become our project car. We are a few years into the process already with the engine conversion, suspension, exterior and stereo mods mostly completed. I’ll attach a picture of the car where she stands today. I’m hoping to have a few more knowledgeable brains to pick when I run into inevitable problems finding parts etc as we proceed.



Welcome and dam that looks nice! Are you going to open a project thread? Would love to learn more about what you and your wife did with the car :slight_smile:

hey mate welcome and Whao that is one clean and shiny sirion. It looks great!

I reckon I can probably dig up some progress pics and lay out the steps we went through.

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That would be awesome :slight_smile:

Hi mate welcome car looks great.