Hi from Brisbane, Australia

Hi Everyone,

Just joining the Dai Culture having purchased a low km 2002 Cuore L700. At this stage the plans are to restore it back to its original condition but that will take some donor parts, panelbeating and paint.

I’m looking to chase down a LH front headlight and a bumper. The other parts should panel beat out and then new paint for bonnet, bumper and passenger front guard.

Just having some challenges tracking down the headlight and bumper for this model. I’ve tried local wreckers and check the gumtree ads etc but not much luck. If anyone may know or have these parts that would be great if you can let me know so we can get this piece of history back on the road :grinning:

Cheers Glen


hey mate welcome to the forum there is quite a few dai people from QLD.
Have you tried the daihatsu wrecker’s in Archerfield? they may have something.
This colour is very similar to another member’s car also. Wondering if it was the one that got re-sprayed the same time as the other one. A guy called Vic owns the other one of similar colour I am talking about.

Welcome :smiley: you’re lucky because there is a large dai community in brisbane :slight_smile:

Thank you Luke - I’ll share more pics on the car once I get it back on the road with repairs complete.

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Yes EvilHighway, I did. Nothing in stock ATM. I’m slowly working my way around wreckers around Australia.

The green is a factory colour - I bought it off the original owner and other than the damage, it’s immaculate with really low kms and full service history.

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G’day local and welcome.

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Sadly some absolute moronic idiot bought out that joint and it is the worst ‘sad clown circus’ I have ever seen and walked away from them - ring through and make sure they have the part ready for pick up or don’t even bother…Vic lives around the corner but doesn’t come to this thread - although I have suggested he should.

Thanks BoldEagle,

I’ve exhausted our local wreckers and found mostly what I need interstate. Panel Beater would ideally like another bonnet but they’re a little tricky to get locally and shipping from interstate is both risky and expensive.

This car has an auto and it vibrates quite a bit at idle in drive. I’m suspect on the engine mounts even though the car has very low kms, it is 18 years old. Do all these cars vibrate a lot at idle, even when in neutral ?


I would guess engine mounts also. They are usually fairly ok at idle.

Mine doesn’t - get some fuel injector cleaner and or get a tune up.

Have you checked the plugs?