Hi from Central Coast, Australia

Hi all, my name’s Greg. After lurking for ages on this forum and FB I’ve decided to join. I was hampered from buying a couple of cool L250’s up in QLD due to the start of COVID lockdowns, and missed out on some bargain L7’s in NSW recently. My health hasn’t been the best and my plans to build a carport for a project car also fell by the wayside.

But I’m determined to get a Dai this year. So I’ve decided to gather parts in advance and I’m currently in negotiations to get a K3 swapped L7. Fingers crossed!


Welcome. K3 swap into an L700 is a great thing. I’ve only driven one and it was fantastic.

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Welcome to Livetodai!!

Sorry to hear about your health, best of luck with the search of a Dai!!

I used to own a L700 with a K3 in it, bloody fun car!


welcome and hope you get the dai your after. :slight_smile:

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Welcome mate.