Hi from ChCh,NZ

Was a member of Daihard and keen to see what others are doing with their pride and joy.
Got a 1994 Detomaso Charade, unsure what I am doing with it right now (be nice to have the budget for fancy rebuild, but…)
Few interesting threads I’ll keep my eye on.
See you around in the forum,


Hi mate welcome. are you still in Diahard or not anymore?

Sorry,my bad.
I meant Daiforum - your old one!

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hahaha all good lol I can actually get into daihard when I can remember my password lol which is usually about every 6 months hahaha. I was gonna ask if much was happening in there as its always pretty quite but a good bunch of people.

There is also a Daihatsu drivers UK site worth a look,never know what tit bits you pick up.
All the best with the new site

thanks man yeh i think I may have an account there too lol