Hi from Detomaso owner

Hi all, new member from Perth WA here.
I imported myself a Detomaso earlier this year as a fun daily driver and it has so far been exactly that :wink: Some pics attached.

Im keen to read the discussions on here to help with finding appropriate replacement parts or upgrades, as so far I have struggled to find many G201S equivalent listed parts.

At this stage I am chasing correct replacement rear hatch gas struts - failed on 2 occasions ordering ones that said they fit, suspension struts/shocks and lowered springs all round (have a set of Lovells springs for the larger diameter strut if anyone wants to buy them ;)). Oh and wondering if there is a direct fit larger intank fuel pump upgrade??

I have been searching on a couple of UK car part websites, but not certain if the UK Charade IV GTi has same suspension set up as the JDM G201S… anyone??



Welcome, that a nice specimen! :sunglasses:

As far as I know, all the G20x suspension and body parts are interchangable.
The differences are in the throttlebody and possibly the cam and in the electronic climate controls in the car.
Also on my Deto I had G10x shocks and springs - mind you that those are plm 2 cm shorter.
The front strut brace also fits.

Upgrade parts… there used to be some from MRT and Rospen Motorsports.
And they should know some tricks they did to their rally cars.


welcome and that is a beautiful Detomasso you have there mate. I think you will find most parts are interchangeable with local charade’s. There is a difference with rear springs in some of them the F2 charde or g203 seem to have the wider rear springs and g202 and other g20x seem to have the skinnier rear springs and shocks to suit. In saying that I have seen the wider ones on all G20x models with the exception of the g202 3cyl. That is what I have found anyway I have had more Mira’s and moves than I have charades though.

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From what I have worked out there appears to be a 130mm ish ID strut and spring set and an 80mm ish strut and spring set. Mine has the 80mm front and rear but when searching for shocks they don’t appear to state the size, just say they exclude the F2 model. Even searching the OEM shock number comes up with nothing certain…

Can see heaps on Yahoo.co.jp for the G201s but have to get third party to buy I believe.

Before I buy another set of springs I thought I’d make sure they will fit first! Anyone know the Code for the 80mm ID King Springs?

Interesting the earlier models fit… will suss this out, thanks :+1:

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if looking for king springs maybe send them a message to find out if they have the right ones for you?

Yeah I know it sounds like an obvious thing to do. perhaps I am so used to getting info straight away now, to actually get in contact and ask a question seems like such a huge task :grin:

I checked their catalogue online etc and couldn’t find anything meaningful. Will share any info If I find out :+1:

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I have kings in my Detom and they are just the standard charade springs. I can grab the number off them tomorrow sometime hopefully.

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That would be great if you can, cheers :+1:

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Welcome to the forum mate, your Deto looks like a very nice ride.

looking forward to watching your adventures.


Hi fella, another Perth lad on board!!!
When it comes to licensing, if you live near maddington, I know a cruisy place.

Thanks! I managed to get rego back in Sep so all good. Took the engineer a while to decide on, of all things, how many child restraint anchor points were required, but we got there in the end.


Sorry for the late reply forgot all about it :grimacing:

Fronts are KDFL-78

Rears KFRL-96


I will check it out and hopefully share a pic with lowered stance in near future :+1: