Hi from Germany! Cuore L7

Hey guys and girls!

I have been sneekily looking through loads of threads over the last years and enjoy it so much, there are so many awesome cars which you guys have thrown your blood sweat and tears into. It is about time that i join in on the fun!

Hope everyone is great and all are staying healthy in these crazy Corona times.

Best wishes,

Danny from Germany.


hey Danny thanks for the compliments on our forum glad you have enjoyed them and glad you have joined us that is a very nice little power house of a kuor3 you have there. It is very unsuspecting having the stock look to it.

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Interesting! Another K3VE Cuore L7 from Germany. Do you have the K3VE or K3VE2?
Currently swapping my Cuore as well and wondering how you managed to get it road legal through TÜV and what did you do with the wire loom for the rear part of the car?


That’s what I thought as well.

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Good Morning everyone! Yea, i wanted to keep her standard looking as thats how i found and Fell in love with it, plus my wife wouldn‘t let me anyway :joy:

It is not yet on the road, tüv will be happening in the near future when i can find some time and get an appointment.

I have spoke many times with my TÜV Guy and he gave me a Long list of things to do before i Could make her road legal. The main thing is that i used the larger brakes from the sirion/yrv and that i fitted ABS.

I used the complete yrv harness for the Motor and dash. I got hold of a wiring diagram for both cars and rewired everything for the stuff that was from the cuore (heater, mirrors, windows etc etc) the rear harness is same like the cuore wäre everything joins in the rear right hand light.


For giggles! the wife and i on the right, yes we all fitted


By any chance, could you upload the wiring diagrams here or give us the link? It would be much appreciated

So it has finally worked out, got everything checked and have all the changes in my paperwork. Got my TÜV and registered it on Tuesday.

Small change to the First Pics is the 14“ et39 steelies and 165/55r14 tires which i think look pretty great.

4 months of work and 9 months of waiting around. But hey, it was well worth it.

Hope everyone are well.



Congrats mate well done :slight_smile:

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