Hi from Germany Cuore L701

Hi everyone, I’m Stephan. I live in Hamburg but I’m from Chile. I’ve been a fan from JDM car since ever, and own a few Daihatsus before. 2 Daihatsu Rocky, 1 Charade G100 and 1 G20 and now I own a Cuore L701.
The Cuore is really fun to drive and I bought it as a dialy driver. I have it since 2 weeks and I’m starting to make it better. Sound system, left door and wing (old ones got a crash on them and I found from the same color) and maintenance parts.
I recently bought some 14x6 rims from a Proton and want to put 175 50 14 tyres on them.
I the future (max 1 year) comes the engine swap. I’ve seen some projects on this forum and maybe I make some questions later about it.

Cheers :beers:


Welcome! Looking forward to see the progress :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum Stephan, that’s a nice colour you have :smiley:

Welcome. They are a fantastic car. Those wheels have Enkei RPF1 styling and look great.

Thanks for the greetings. I should have the next week the rims. For the tyres I have to wait some money to come in the next month.
Does anybody know if there’s a bushing kit for the shifter? It feels loose, but truly I haven’t even look underneath.

welcome to the forum your L701 looks great and look forward to see what you do with it.

Welcome and I do like that shade of dark green.

Hi again. It’s difficult to get more time these days. I wanted to do R&P on the front diff from my 4runner at Friday, but I was vaccine at Thursday and on Friday I was dead with pain and fiber. Today a bit better, but not to do a differential. Anyways, I make the upholstery for the trunk and speakers with Alcantara. Turns out really great I think. I need to figure out how could I make part of the door panels.

And my new rims arrived. I just have to buy the tyres…maybe the next month.