Hi from Germany

Hello folks, my name is Stefan, and I live in Nuernberg in the south of Germany. Last year i bought a '91 Charade 1.3i as everyday/winter ride:


Welcome to the forum Stefan, solid daily you have there :slight_smile:

Hey Stefan,

Welcome. Glad you found the forum and fantastic that you’ve joined us. Great car.

Welcome mate. Glad to have you on board.
Any plans for the g100?

G’day and welcome to the forum.

welcome mate

Welcome to the forum!

Well it wasn’t so solid when I bought it…



That’s a lot of repairs there.

My word that’s a lot of repair work indeed.

Yes, rust.

(other side looked the same). Front of the car will be fine now, but I’ll have to address the rear strut towers in the near future. For those who don’t know: we have a biennial technical examination in Germany (called TÜV), and rust at structural parts is a fail.
I also changed the timing belt:

and all liquids except the screenwash…

Willkommen bei Livetodai. Seltene kleine Kiste die du da gefunden hast. Glückwunsch

Good luck with the TUV and hope you can stop the rust. They say rust never sleeps!
Welcome to the small world of Daihatsu.
In Australia the inspections requirements vary in each State and Territory, which can be confusing.
Where I live in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory you need a Roadworthiness Inspection when you transfer registration.
I bought my G102 new and sold it 26 years later! I an official Roadworthiness Inspection done before sale and discovered cracks in the suspension towers. It had done 500,000 km, so that’s something to look for with cars that have high kilometers.
We have some pretty rough unsealed dirt roads with corrugations, if you like to get off the main roads, which can kill suspension and crack the chassis.
I got the cracks welded, primed and painted for $300 AUD
Passed a re- inspection of the repairs before I sold it.
I was totally honest with the buyer and it didn’t bother him at all, as he just wanted a reliable daily driver that was economical.
I’ve never had rust in any of the Dai’s that I’ve owned.
Rust must be a real pain in Europe and other cold winter climates. I’d imagine could be very costly to repair and maintain to a legal and safe standard.

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Don’t forget Dirk that some European countries use salt on their roads when iced up, that has alot to do with rust over there :frowning:

Thanks @Mokeman. Yeah, salt is a killer.
I always thought Dais were made with galvanised sheet like Audi, Saab and Volvo.
I may be wrong about that.
I lived in a beachside suburb and always gave my Dai a good wash all over and under, aswell as painting the inevitable paint chips.
My A3 1.8T Audi has wax all underneath it too.

Everything rusts here if you dont wash the underbody regularly :cry:

Cab drivers here never wash their underneath area. :confused: