Hi from Japan with JDM mira"s" & parts

Hello everyone,I’m Makise.(Twitter @MakiseP)
I’m modifying Daihatsu cars in a corner of a Japanese car shop.
I love L285V Mira"Van"(JDM Model 3Dr 5MT 4WD)
I’m looking forward to talking with my colleagues!

My Daihatsu
*L260S Avy STDFaceConvert with JB-DET(LinkECU)&5MT
*L285V with KF-DET&5MT
*L285V with K3-VE&5MT
*L700S Gino with K3-VE&5MT
*L700V with K3-VE2(LinkECU MonsoonX)&5MT
*L710S Gino with JB-DET&5MT
*L150S with EF-DET&5MT
*S210P Hijet with EF-DET&5MT
*L71V WalkthroughVan 5MT



Hi mate welcome to the forum.

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You have over 9 Daihatsu’s? Teach me your secret xD

Welcome to the forum

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Welcome! What an exciting collection. So glad you have joined us. More pics please!!!

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wow! welcome to the forum

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Welcome to the forum :smiley: What an amazing collection you have :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Welcome to the forum!
Can’t wait to see the things you will post!
That walkthrough van looks gorgeous! Is there any chance you could do some pictures of the interior?
It would be much appreciated!

Awesome! welcome.

welcome to the forum
do you drift your little mira’s or do you have a drift mira.

love to see some pics af your cars, 9 cars wow.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Nice collection. My g100 already scrapped and left with g200