Hi, from NZ, with an M100 Sirion

So I’m about to be back in a Daihatsu after all this time. I’ve previously owned three G100S Charades, one Mizuno Sports (it had upgraded FACTORY WHITE wheel covers for the base model rims, so sporty…), one Turbo (eh it was ok) and one all-mighty GTxx. That one was all-mighty with 12 psi and a massively larger (VF-10) turbo on the DOHC EFI CB70. It ran faster than a stock V9 wrx and lineball with lightly modded GC8s…

But on to the point, I’m about to pick up an M100 Sirion, apparently a GTVi, but it’s not badged as such. It certainly has a K3_VE2 with a manual trans, so it has the important bits.

No serious plans with modifying it, but PLENTY of daydreams. It’s a pity that certification laws in NZ are a pain so building a street legal track day car slowly becomes an exercise in adding another $500 every time you touch something.

But the daydreams include suspension, exhaust, YRV brake upgrade (it apparently bolts on) and some sticky tyres. The never-gonna-happen-daydream includes ported head, VET pistons and an HE211 turbo with a twin scroll housing.

Anyway time to go, catch you guys later



Welcome mate,
You have compact motorsport in NZ they have a lot of gearbox and engine stuff available. Prices maybe up there a bit if your on a budget but good products. (so I have heard).

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Welcome Ben. Great Dai

Nice car :slight_smile: was also looking for one but decided on the m300

My bro does custom boxes (compact motorsport) and I do conversions and bits and builds (Hart performance) if you’re interested in something or want to see some modded m100 and are near auck then shout out

Welcome to the Dai family! Another M1 Sirion, another happy day!