Hi From Perth Aus

hey guys new to the forum i love this community so far i just picked up a super clean l500 with 93ks on it im very new with these cars and im falling in love just struggling to find any aftermarket headlights or tailights :smile:


welcome to the forum :slight_smile: aftermarket lights aren’t really a thing with Dai’s, more just different models have different lights

Hey mate welcome,
What @Mokeman has said is true but if you do want something different/ ugly even try looking to UK and Malaysia for Mira Classic stuff. It is based off the L500 and most people do not like the style as it does look quite odd.
Personally, I love it and would try to get all the classic stuff if I had an L500, but that is mainly because most people don’t like it.


I actually like the l500 classic I’d be keen to do the conversion!! :blush::+1: