Hi! from Perth

Hi from Perth, WA, Australia. New to the forums and new to owning a Daihatsu. I’ve just brought a 95 Mira Turbo. I would love to get some information on it and fix it up a bit. I’ve brought it as a little project then I would like to daily drive it.


hey mate welcome , chuck up a couple of pics and have a hunt around through the forum. Some of the build threads can provide heaps of info as well as the manuals and diy section’s etc

Welcome. You have many here excitedly awaiting pictures

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Welcome mate, good to have another Perth lad onboard.
You gonna bring it to the JDM meet in Dec?

What ones that? and probably not. I don’t really go to car meets/cruisers.

Let me know if that link works.
It’s just a static meet, turn up when you want, leave when you want. No stress, no cruise.
I’ll take my L700 with fresh paint, and probs the missus WRX.

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it worked. damn the 13th. I Wont be able to make it.