Hi from Syd south west

Hi guys.
I’m Paul from south west Sydney in Liverpool are.
I’m a Toyota guy at heart but always come back to Daihatsu for a bit of fun.
Iv had a few g200/3s in the past and an f2 with detomaso HD-E conversion in for fun. Prob one of my most fav cars.
Iv got a tonne of starlets and some fairly quick ones too. No aussie ones though…
I recently bought a L200 93 Mira clean as.
I was planning to frig with it a bit and see what I can do with it for shits and giggles.
As always I’ll sell it after it’s done but I only like the build and not so much the ownership… lol.
I’m mainly looking at upgrading the 660cc to something bigger that will fit fairly easily.
Possibly a 1.3 from sirion.
Just trying to gather some info along the way and see how I go.
Hope to meet some like minded guys from here and exchange ideas and experiences in the swaps.
Cheers for accepting me on here.
Pics so far…
Not very good but hey… I don’t do pix much.


Welcome to the forum Paul :slight_smile: can’t fit the 1.3l 4cyl Sirion motor without chopping chassis rails, big no no :frowning: choices really are the 989cc 3 cyl Sirion motor, EJ-DE, either n/a or boosted, or look for an ED-10, 850cc and put your 660cc head and associated efi gear onto it + a turbo, one has been consistently run at 26psi. Both options are getting fairly common, plenty of info on here about both :slight_smile:

Cheers Mokeman.
I’ll try keep the forum tidy by asking shit in the right sub sections.
Thanks for the info though upsetting as it is ha ha.
Also forgot to mention Iv got a G11 turbo! Lol.
I knew I had more Daihatsus somewhere. Lol.
I’m prob selling that soon though.

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Welcome. While the K3ve is a no go in an L200 the associated gearbox so the preferred box for high performance. You might be one to shed some light on something not done here yet. That is finding an LSD for the M100 box. From TRD drawing I suspect that a Startlet LSD will fit the M100. But we here are yet to find anyone to confirm it. If no one beats me I’ll get to checking a Starlet center against the M100 - one day.

If you want to measure up a starlet gearbox let me know. Iv got plenty here. I’m going to throw one out this week in fact.

Thanks for the offer. If I paid for postage 9I mean orgainse my own courier) and some handling fees could you post that box up? It would be interesting to see if the gear sets are the same/similar. If not I just really need a diff center without crown wheel to measure up.

Yeah just let me know where you are. I don’t mind at all.
Or if you like I can measure up the parts for you but you know what that’s like…
it’s so much easier when there all in front of you on a bench and you can do it yourself.

I’m in the Gold Coast Hinterland on Mt Tamborine. Normally I get things couriered to Action Couriers at Arundel and book with www.e-go.com. Having one would be great. If you read my thread you’ll see I am quite open about most mod’s save a couple. Whatever I find out will become open source or almost open source (if I leave details out on something I’ve done and someone who has contributed a bit to the forum asks then I am happy to share - I’m just reluctant at time to divulge info to people that drop in, snatch knowledge and never return). If you can send some details on when, where and who for the courier I can organise. Just please no oil in the box. The last box I got was from overseas and they shipped it without removing oil. It leaked and cost me $1000 in quarantine clean up fees which I never completly recouped from the seller. Thanks

Damn. I just sent the work ute up empty! We have a business and place in tallai. I could have got it up there for nothing.
I’ll get in touch with you and see when you want it.
Also going up again for a job in October again so happy to drive it up to the coast. I’ll be there for a month.

Just leave it for October. I’m in no hurry at the moment. If you are coming this far it’d be good to catch up. There might even be a few bits here for your L200. Have a look at my thread and see if there is anything of interest I could help out with.

Legend will do.
I’m hoping to grab a cheap sirion and see what I can retrofit. Iv got a tonne of starlet shit here so maybe try some of that if it’s similar too. I think some of the ep71 stuff may be close. Again i haven’t really even stuck my head under the mira yet…
I know it’s EFI and it’s 659cc… lol. I thought it was 5 speed too but I might be mistaken. I really only driven it on and off my tow truck and parked it in my yard.
Iv read a couple of things here before (my gf is a member from ages ago) and seen a few writeups you have done. Very good info.

Did you mean a Sirion as donor for the MIra or to retrofit Starltet bits into? Both good things. You’ll def want a 3cyl Sirion to grab stuff out of for the MIra. Keep engine, engine harness, ecu (unless after market), gearbox, clutch cable, linkages, front struts, hubs, drive shafts (which need lengths changed) front brakes, rear drums (fit on with inboard bearing swap) and rear wheel cylinders (bigger). You’ll also want L700 front control arms. Toss the 659cc ef/el, not worth spending any time on them at all. You could use the gearbox but the ratios are awful and they can’t handle to much power (factory it would have been five speed).