Hi from The Netherlands!

Hi guys, my name is Mart and I own a 1999 Cuore. I just got it from a friend of mine and my plan is to fix it up a little and maybe eventually put a turbo in it :wink: but that’s for the future.

Greetings from NL!


Welcome Mart!

Where in Holland are you from ?
Im from Groningen.
Ad a picture of your car please :slight_smile:


Welcome Matt. More info and some pics please.

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Yo dude welcome m8

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome Matt, you have the car I want haha. And the Netherlands is quite close to me… Well closer than Australia :joy: (I’m from the UK)

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Sorry for the late response, didn’t have alot of time. I’m from Zeeland, I’ll post a picture later, I’m at school right now.

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Hi, thanks! What a coincidence! Maybe when it’s time to look for another car, we could work something out?

So, a friend of mine had this 1999 Cuore L701 for quite a while and was a little bit short on cash so he wanted to sell it. I didn’t think it was the car for me so I wasn’t really interested, however, I started to hang out with him more, so naturally I got more chances to experience the mighty EJ-DE engine.

After a while I fell in love with it, such a small car but nonetheless so much fun! I was also amazed by how cheap everything is, a full tank costs around €40,-(!). He asked me if I was interested to buy the car, he said I could have it for €200,-, so of course I didn’t even hesitate.

It has approximately 87000 km on the clock. It needs to be serviced and aligned properly and it needs new tires, headlamps, a right side mirror and rear seats. The rear seats have been removed and was replaced with a wooden board for more storage, for me having 4 seats is more important than having more space.

Future plans include:
Fitting the bigger Sirion brakes.
Adding an aftermarket intake (maybe exhaust).
Fitting wider wheels/tires. (and painting the wheels blaaaaack)
Painting the rocker cover.
Adding several stickers from Mighty Car Mods.
Fitting the K3-VET turbo.

So that’s about it, if there’s anything to add in the future, I’ll edit it in. If there are any further questions, feel free to ask!

P.S: I’ll add pictures later as i’m attending school atm.

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Haha I think your steering wheel may be on the wrong side of the vehicle for me :joy: I like the sound of your plans haha

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Hi mart, did you do some mods to the Cuore yet? Im also from zeeland, maybe we can help each other out.