Hi from WA (another one)

Hi from Margaret River WA, proud owner of two Daihatsu, L7 Cuore and L5 Handi. In search of a complete front driver side hub for the Handi, bearings are shot. I figured it would be easier to swap the hub than muck about pressing bearings in and out.


Welcome. L700 wheels are fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I’d just do the bearings rather than swap. Most used ones will need bearings anyway.


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Welcome mate. couple of great cars you got there. I love the colour on the L7. I agree with @Mr_Gormsby just do the bearing’s at least you will know they are done and not have to buy a hub to find out later that you to do them on that one also.

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Duncan, what engine did you score in the L5?


This car looks spot on!
Bearings are easier to replace than the whole hub, plus the new hub might have mediocre bearing, go for a good bearing and never change it again :smiley:

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Thanks mate, really pleased with it.


I LOVE those wheels! What brand/model are they?

ROH Australia brand, don’t know the model. Old skool- they were on a Holden Gemini previously.

They are missing the centre covers though, I’ll get some made up at some point.

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Welcome and nice intro - cars look good and the wheels have good airflow potential but is there drag as well?

Ah, sorry I meant carby twin cam or efi single cam. I’ve got a twin cam one, curious to see how many are out there since they’re the less common one.

It’s a twin cam

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