Hi from Western Australia

Hi all,
My names Tom and I live up in Karratha WA.
I own a L200 Mira 5 speed manual ef-el 4 door.
A few things I am working on at the moment is getting the air con back up and going as it has a leaking evaporator. And also the heater core is getting replaced as the old one had sprung a leak.

Have recently ordered some parts from Malaysia, some trim parts a clock and of course some Mira seat belts.

I’m just looking into possibly doing an engine swap down the track going for the ej-de. Keen to see what engine swaps people have done to their mira’s on here!



Welcome. Great looking Dai. Yeah, living in Karrath you’d want air con going again in a few months.

EJ-DE will be the easiest engine swap. That is easy to find the motor itself, to get it in and going with minimal hassle and then for sourcing service parts. Donar car is a good way to do it, and to swap in the bigger brakes at the same time (thought you end up with 100pcd). L700 lower control arms needed and a custom drive shaft is a hurdle to some.

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Welcome Tommy!
as mr G said the ejde is the easiest physical swap. If you use your current gearbox clutch and flywheel from your car then that is the easiest. The other obstical is some people struggle with the wiring. The early ejde with L7 and early sirion were the easiest and just needed ecu.
The later sirion’s and L251 you need ecu, key, key reader, immobiliser. The wiring for the later is a bit more involved and for both cases I have seen many people go to do an engine swap only to give up because they cant figure out wiring.
there is a lot of other things you can do. Daihatsu can be a bit like lego but not heaps off the shelf parts like holden and ford.

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Hi mate welcome to the forum.

Welcome! I like those fog lights you’ve put on. Not to big.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: I will be the only one here to advise against the EJ swap, They’re hard to find that don’t blow smoke and burn oil, the rpm limit is low and they sit high in the rpm range on the highway with the stock mira gearbox. and you gain very little power VS the time and $ spent. the only time you will feel any change is up hills. i’ve tuned my ef-el and it is shockingly good for a 660cc engine…

Sitting high in the rev range due to gearbox and final drive is hardly an engine issue.

I doubt you will find an efel that isn’t smokey and poorly looked after. Such problems are maintenance issues and generally not indicative of design.

Efel basic ecu, single cam, small capacity, hemi pistons, large valve angle, electric distributor, high rod angle and low torque

Jefe, slightly better ecu, twin cam, lager capacity, can use a flat top piston, narrow valve angle with downdraft ports, coil on plug, low rod angle and high torque.

Does one bolt in an newer design of larger capacity or seek to bolt on a turbo and seek to make drivable power (torque makes things drivable).