Hi, greetings from Holland!

Hi everybody!
i am Martijn and i own a 1998 charade 1.3 g200.
Looking to change/modify some things and i hope to find the info i need here.
Planning to swap the engine (and maybe the gearbox) from a gran move into my charade.

have a great day!!


Hi Martijn,

Welcome. G200 is a great little car. Throw up some pics and that might inspire a few here to share what they have done with engine convertsions.



welcome aboard

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Hi there Martijn!
How’s the seat? :wink:

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thank you!!

It is still lying on the livingroom floor, the guy who is going to help me is quite busy.
It needs some welding and modifying to get it in the charade.
Can’t wait for it to be in, the old one is about to kill my back :slight_smile:


pics pics and more pics…be a pawn star…

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