Hi I am Jo

I have a 1983 Daihatsu Scat 4WD deisel ute that I drove through floodwaters & drowned.
She blows a lot of blue/black smoke on starting but runs well after 5mins .
The compression is particularly low in cylinder 2.
Perhaps rings & bearings will fix it?
Perhaps it’s a bent rod?
Can anyone comment on spare parts/reconditioned motor availability/whereabouts
I live in Northern NSW
Thanks , Jow


Welcome to live to dai forums, I don’t know very much if not anything about Scats.
Hopefully, someone else does and can comment better than I can.

Does anyone have or, know where to get:

  • a full set of standard rings
  • a full gasket rebuild set
    for a 1983 2.8 L diesel Daihatsu Scat?

Check with Piston Ring Suppliers Australia | Piston Ring | Custom Piston Rings about your rings. There are other places too that will make them. Did you know the “slinky” came about when a machinist making rings took home a long coil of uncut rings for his kids to play with and it became “a thing”?


Welcome Jo. Glad you joined us.


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