Hi Im a Noob

Hi im ACE a 24 year old living in London, England

I own:
Daihatsu Sirion 4trak 2004-1 Not road Legal
Daihatsu Sirion 4trak 2002-2 Slammed Road Legal, but not road worthy

1 is on wood in the driveway with no suspension on it at all. The sills and exhaust have rusted meaning it wont pass M.O.T. I need to fit the stock suspension and alloys from 2 and wheel it back to the side of the house ASAP

2 was bought because of 1 being illegal to drive in the UK. 2 just had a PB Brakes coil-over kit from Malaysia and 15x8J banded steelies swapped to it from 1 two weeks ago.
The coil-over kit was made for the 04+ sirion. The fronts fit fine. The rear lower shock mount needs to be converted from a eyelet to a clevis mount. PB Brakes sent me new Shocks with the Clevis mount.

1 is slammed in the front. Im having issues with the rear even at the lowest setting the struts are not short enough to allow the ride height i want.

Im in the middle of finding someone in the uk to change the original lower shock Eyelet mounts to clevis fork-style mounts. I also need to find someone to fabricate a adjustable pan hard bar from one of my stock ones.

Then I can then get a alignment, and deal with the front fender linings rubbing the tyres (alignment/lowering of the rear might fix this)

Ill Upload Pics/Videos as soon as possible


Welcome Ace.

welcome mate

Welcome Ace!!!

I look forward to those photos!


I will upload better pictures soon.

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