Hi I'm also new here

Hi guys I’m Dale, previous forum members will remember me as TUNE3GARAGE or doityourself.
Decided that being DaleJeffree is very self explanatory.
I have owned Daihatsu since 2008 with a brief break for 13 months with a Toyota Corrolla.
My current cars are a 2000 Sirion GTVi, a 1982 Handivan L60 with a factory AB engine, and a 1983 Daihatsu Handivan with an AD engine.


Welcome over Dale!!!

good to see you made it here Dale :slight_smile:

Here are both of my L60 Handivans, basically the idea now is to build the silver one as a two cylinder car that can do a bit of track work and some daily duties when registered. I’m looking at stripping the sound deadening, replacing the side and rear glass with CAMS approved toughened plastic, build some new extractors and make a new exhaust with a custom muffler.
As for the white car, this has no time frame but very similar to the silver car with the exception that this will get the ED20 with K3VET pistons, a whole range of coatings, turbo (possibly a TD025), roll cage, custom suspension and a 4x100 pcd conversion. The purpose for this will be dedicated race car

Here is my daily duties car, a Sirion GTVi. I finished this one day before my son was born which was pure luck as he was 17 days early. I mostly enjoy it but it’s not a L60.


The boys are home, let the fun begin.


WooHoo glad to see they made it home :smiley: