Hi Im David From the UK

Hello Im David from the uk, I was pointed in direction of the group by a guy on my facebook business page who lives in Australia he has a mad little mira that boosts better than my evo!! I would like to build a monster of a Mira and am looking for avaialbility of a 660cc efi Mira in the uk and an 850cc engine or bottom end.


Hi Mate welcome. Who was this mysterious fellow you mention? Was it Frank? A lot of here are from Australia but there are many overseas also. In th UK I know the bottom 850cc were in the domino and maybe other’s not so sure what the 660’s were in but you may have a good chance of buying a rusty car with one of the engine’s pretty cheap as you guys get alot more rust issue’s there than what we do here. You may even be lucky enough to get another good one with the other engine you need. Just start hunting for them would be my advice.

this any good to you?

start with this david!

oh yeh durr I own a move and didnt even think of a move for the ed20 hahaha Nice call @matt

Hello and welcome to the forum

here’s an idea for you dave grab this

and this

smash the two together easy make 200hp and less than 800kg for less than 2k prob :slight_smile:
daihatsu’s are so fun.
we also got 4x4 yrv manuals in the uk so u could build a 200hp yrv 4x4 manual, like
the japs got for roughly 2k, something i looked into a while back. or you could buy a nice ep81 starlet off me, for say 800£ chuck the 2e away throw a 5e from a paseo at it, bolts straight up and they’re like 500£ then fit all the turbo goodness from a gt and have a right little booster, not quite a kei but light nontheless

Welcome. Just my opinion but the EF-EL 660cc heads are really old tech. Single cam, rocker shaft 4 valve, big valve angle, they crack between spark plugs and inlet ports and still run a distributor. EJ-DE is in my opinion far superior. Look at a cross section of either head and compare with a cross section of the best from Cosworth and you’ll see the EJ-DE head has all the good traits found in a Cossie.

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wouldn’t touch that TRXX unless you don’t mind doing a fair bit of rust work

everything steel rusts, the avanzato is pretty damn clean to be fair, it only left japan a few years ago and has never seen uk salty roads yet, apparently detomaso came with rust from the factory, but my car astounds the mot testers that look at it, it’s completely spotless underneath and everywhere else, there is no rot and the last testers exact words were ‘f*** me it’s like brand new under here’ if dave was interested in the avanzato i’d say go look at it yourself dave i’m sure they’ll happily put it on a 4poster and let you poke around as most british importers will, ignore the naysayers.