Hi i'm liam and these are my whips

Previously known as mailmanbam, liam rolfe on facebook.
I own a VY commodore ute for work.
A G200 smiley daihatsu charade, this ones for sale because I dont use it anymore.
A G100 HC-E swapped daihatsu charade, this is my race car.
I have 2 SA22 rx7 rolling shells for future projects.
Been restomodding a chrystler sigma scorpion.
Also have a 1984 suzuki GSXR400.
I have too many projects.


Welcome daddio lol, love the name.

good to see you here mate :thumbsup:

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Nice stuff man, got some goodies rolling around!

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I wish they were moving instead of rolling haha

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Welcome to the forum daddio :slight_smile:

Hey and welcome! Quite the collection you have very nice

Tell us more about eh race car.

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It’s a G100 with a HC-E engine. I would say “It’s a g102” but the engine swap isn’t a straight swap. Currently the motor is stock with a warm air intake and a catback exhaust, ignition timing advanced. It’s running roughly about 2 degrees negative camber on the front. Can’t remember what I set the back, but within factory specs. 2mm toe out on the front and about 1mm toe in on the rear. Castor is something factory. It has yellowspeed adjustable coilovers. 6KG(/mm??) Front springs and 5KG rear. Brakes are all stock and my brake booster is stuffed. I came second in my class last year at the local hillclimb. The fast guys are back so I’ve started building a bigger engine to stay somewhat competitive(but still staying low/medium budget). I estimate the car to be somewhere under 700kg but I cannot confirm until I put it on the weigh bridge.


Completely forgot it’s had applause disk brakes swapped into it.


Cool. Applause front discs and calipers fit straight on, they work well.