Hi I'm Matt and this is my rice burner

Hi there,
I’m Matt and this is my bag of rice 90’ l201

I’ve had her now for a year and I’ve loved every minute of it, slowly replacing all the little things and making her like new again, collecting bits to do an ed10 turbo build :smiley:
Anyway glad to be a part of this forum, looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing with their rad dais
Have a great day! :slight_smile:


Hi mate welcome looks cool.

G’day and welcome to the forum. A nice L200 you have, and I like the idea of the ED10 turbo. Will it be efi or carby?

Welcome to the forum!

Just fyi,
just add the bb code they provide so it’ll appear. Should be share link button.

Hey thanks :slight_smile: it’ll be carby I have a cb60 ready to go all I need is to tap the threads on my adapter

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I’m not sure what you mean haha, I’m new to forums in general :sweat_smile: