Hi just a little introduction

I just bought a 2001 Daihatsu Cuore last week and it was a non runner was told needs a new head gasket. I have always liked these little cars i even test drove one new at the Daihatsu dealer all those years ago. my last Daihatsu was a G11R turbo Charade about 12 years ago. Anyway a big hello to all from me.

Picture of said car from the place i got it from.


Welcome. These are a great thing. While the head is off give the combustion chamber a little polish. Even just 180 sandpaper with finger pressure over sharp ridges and repeat with 240, 320 and 400.

In general terms, where are you located?

Just noticed i posted this in the wrong section somehow sorry about that.

Hi Mr_Gormsby.

I think they are a great little car i started out with original mini’s and did some engine mods etc. I look at this Cuore as a later mini basically. I have done a lot of cylinder head work over the years so if i do have to pull the head it wont go back on standard :slight_smile:. Also do you know if Sirion wheels fit well on the Cuore as the car came with these horrible 3 spoke wheel and the fronts stick out a little not legal for road use.

I am in Tasmania.

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Yes Cuore and Sirion are both 100pcd.

If you need I can take pics of a head I have cut in half so you can see a cross section through the inlet and exhaust valves and water jackets (in fact there might be some pictures already in my build thread).

Tassie, cool !

Just hope the Sirion wheels have about the same offset as the Cuore as i found a Sirion GTvi at the wreckers today with a good set of the standard alloys they came with as i am having no luck with finding standard Cuore wheels. actually the three closest wreckers don’t have any Cuore cars available.

I did see those cut cylinder head pics last night looking through your L200 posts and noted those for later. I did the same with a suzuki 3 cylinder two stroke block a few years ago.

I found someone with no idea how to work on a car has had a go at doing a timing belt change on the engine. I had replaced the seals on the injectors did a compression check while somewhat low they were all within 5 psi of each other. With no signs of water in the oil or oil in the cooling system i tried to start it and it ran first try. It sounded fine until i tried to turn the steering wheel and once it loaded up the power steering the engine started making an terrible racket. found the harmonic ballancer puller was just free spinning on the crankshaft. So pulled the pully off and as i thought the key was either missing or broken and it was broken. the pully bolt was not done up properly so i would think this coursed the failure. This has resulted in the keyway on the timing belt pully and harmonic ballancer to be flogged out. so been chasing wreckers all day with out much luck. One wreck had the pully’s though a bit rusty with no key for $80. And another wrecker would only sell me a complete EJ-DE from a Sirion for $350 while in think that price is ok i don’t realy need a complete engine at this time. also the timming belt was out one tooth from what i could tell at the time so that probably accounts for the low compression.

Yes it’s cool here at the moment lol. I am from Brisbane originally.


All fixed :blush:

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Cheers thanks :smile:

I’m on the Gold Coast but originally Brisbane Western Suburbs.

With the mods I’ve done I found retarding the cam 5deg helped “everything”. As in, no loss down low and more up top. Vernier wheel was about $60 on aliexpress, can’t seem to find one now. It was some years ago. One whole tooth a bit much. Next rebuild it will get the EJ-VE camshaft in my cupboard and have DVVT. My aftermarket ECU will run it, but it is also in the cupboard. Did you get a pulley? Could prob find one up here for you.

I was on the north side of Brissy.

That 5° retard on the cam timing sounds sweet all gains with no loss I like that thanks for the info. Also found out about those ej-ve series and thought that could be a great improvement also though I don’t think we got them here in any Daihatsu’s. No I did not get any pulleys I need the timing belt gear and the harmonic balancer pulley plus the Woodruff key that locks them to the crankshaft. If you were able to find those items I would be very interested. Thanks I appreciate any help with this.

The VE cam was imported from Japan by a friend. Went into a turbo EJ and supposedly went 180fwhp, but only for one run and then went “poooof”. So out it came and in their moment of disgust I got it for a fraction of what they paid.

Will see if I can dig up a harmonic balancer, belt gear and key this arvo. Stay tuned.

Wow 180fwhp that’s a great effort. From what I can tell sofar our ej-de series seem to have the castings setup to fit the dvvt setup into them. If so that should make it easier to just get the few bits needed and not having to import a complete head. That would be awesome if you manage to find those parts. I am happy to pay for them and on another note I should be coming to Brisbane in the next couple of weeks so if postage is crazy expensive maybe I could just pick them up from you. Anyway I really appreciate your time looking for the parts. Thanks mate.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: i am also about to start playing EJ’s so will be watching what you do with your build to get ideas and learn :slight_smile:

Hi Mokeman.

Have you got Mokes or had them I have had loads of them over the years. Thanks for the welcome :+1:. Hopefully we can all learn together with these. I am really wanting to do a build to focus on fuel economy I have some ideas to try out down the track. Just need to get the little one past RWC to get it on the road for now. And then start playing a little later as I have lot’s going on soon and very likely be selling up and go traveling for bit and probably settle back down in my home state of Queensland.

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Had an '81 red Californian with a 1098cc years ago and the name kinda stuck for different forums :joy::joy::joy:

Cool little cars they are. And one of those names that follows you around now🤣.

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Didn’t get to look tonight. Dark when I got home and my spares are out in a shipping container. Have set a reminder to look tomorrow.

No problem mate thanks for the update👍.