Hi L700 Australia owner looking to sharpen up my nugget

Thanks, let me know your suspension recommendations

Depends on budget. BC coilovers seem popular. Then you could look at some swaybars/bracing from ultra racing.

If you have a bigger budget, I’d look at Japan. That might be through Yahoo Auctions or asking an importer what companies they can souce from.

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Those bars are awesome! Thanks.

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BC Racing are the entry level into “the good stuff”.

As I’ve repeated here many times, don’t do lots of mods at once. For example, change one sway bar at a time and see what difference it makes. A large front sway bar will make it understeer whereas a rear bar will induce oversteer. Doing both just makes the car feel more upright and might have some improvement on billiard table flat surfaces, but on rough surfaces it will be worse. That said, why do these sort of mods change the handling dynamics? The stiffer one end of the car is relative to the other will find the “hard” end loosing grip. So a sway bar can be used to balance the car and, on a front wheel drive, get rid of understeer. The problem is that they are torsion bars that link either side of the car. As such they couple the independent suspension side to side and if big enough you could lock one side to the other so that bumps and road surface seen on one side is seen on both. Better than go extreme with bars is to play with spring rate. On a fwd, max grip needs to go to the front. So stick close to the std front rate and double or even triple the rear rate. I won’t say more as I’ve explained this here many times. If you doubt, try one thing at at time and see if the above is correct advice.


Thanks for the advice - I won’t go crazy with sway bars. Just got a new exhaust because the other one was on the way out - much nicer sound and poke. The plan is wheels (I’m hurting for wheels because they don’t seem to make tyres for anything I’m looking at), new bushes and ball joints (refresh) and suspension (got BC Racing street kit) - all at the same time. Then will drive see how the kit is performing. I would like to race at Nugget Nationals so I can think about sway bars and things at that time. I think my wheel and tyre issue is going to see me sliding on cheap tyres so whatever I do with the setup will probably aim to make the best of that situation.

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Riding at a good height on the BC Racing kit, left at factory height setting. 10 clicks front and 5 clicks rear seems nice for getting around my neighbourhood.


Love the wheels :sunglasses: