Hi - newbie Sirion GTVi

Hi All,

Have been reading for too long without writing.

I have owned 5 Dai’s over the years. Currently have a GTVi that is used for Club hillclimbs. Have had two Ferozas, a G100 5 door 3 pot, and another GTVi years ago that I would probably still have had it not been stolen.

My brother has just picked up a G100 CB60 turbo so be prepared to have your brains picked!


Awesome looking GTVi. What have you done to it for hill climbs?

I know nothing about charades or the CB engine, so can’t help you too much.

Hi. It’s only a type 2 car so must remain road legal. King Springs all round and threw on Pulsar SSS wheels (14x6) so i could get decent rubber. Apart from that only the stickers and mounted extinguisher i need to compete. Only an exhaust remains on my list.


Car looks great in white with black wheels. Fantastic bit of gear. Love driving GTVi s

Keen to know more about the car - looks similar to what i’m trying to achieve.
Have some fun without breaking the bank!

I compete in type 2 so all i can do is change springs (coilovers not allowed in type 2), change wheels and tyres, air filter and exhaust. Car must remain road legal. Car is on King Springs with Pulsar SSS wheels and Dunlop SP FM800 in 185/60/14. Haven’t touched exhaust yet. Only other mods are the basic CAMS requirements (fire extinguisher and stickers on battery and tow points). My first race i had it totally stock as i bought with cheap chinese tyres and original suspension. Tyres and suspension brought my laptime down 3 seconds on a very tight 1km track. I am in the under 1600cc category so usually find a Swift Gti and early MX5 in my category. It’s motorsport in its cheapest form and it’s great fun.


I would love to see how you go with stiffer rear springs. I used to find the rear end would be unsettled mid corner on the kings. I felt like the rear end was squirming (for want of a better word). After talking with a few people who know better than I, stiffer springs were suggested to help this out.
Also how free are they with the exhaust? Full exhaust or cat back only? You’ll find the cats on these really restrictive, so a high flow cat (or cat delete) is very much suggested.

Squirm would not be springs. Poor damping perhaps, but more likely poor location of the rear twist beam.

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…or tires or tire pressures even.

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Without going a semi-slick (and not many of these are road legal - grey area) I think I have the best tyres I can get in the size. Grip levels are good now. The rear certainly twists. Had the same problem with my first GTVi years ago. Some people I see have fitted rear sway bars which would help but its not allowed in my class. The King Springs are fairly stiff. I looked at both Pedders and Kings but Pedders don’t manufacturer rear springs anymore for the Sirion, just fronts.

Exhaust is completely free as long as it remains road legal (there is a sound limit in place, you trigger the sensor you are DQ for that session). Anyone know who does a set of headers for K3-VE2 in Oz? High flow cat might be on the cards. I wasn’t sure how restricted these exhausts were.

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I have one each of the SuperCircuit 4-2-1 and 4-1 headers coming in from Malaysia. Looking to at some point review dyno curves. I would’ve thought for hi-revving the 4-1 would’ve been ideal but SuperCircuit imply the 4-2-1 suit the ‘manual transmission’ version better.
Either way it’s a good shot of the stock header and why it is restrictive.
Unsure if there is anything available locally.

Those with the 4-1 merge collector would be my choice as they should provide some cylinder scavenging.

Regarding the rear sway bar Macam, really early GTVis came with a small read sway bar. It was discontinued due to cost, but, if you could find one i’m sure your class would allow it.

At one stage @DaleJeffree was developing a set of headers with a high flow cat attached. Might still be on the cards?

Wow… didn’t know any Sirion came with a rear sway bar. Must have been discontinued very early. Both my 2000 GTVi’s have been without.

And those headers… a picture tells a thousand words. Very keen to hear how power is after fitment. I think the Malaysian one’s are the only ones available. Even European spec Sirions are getting them shipped in. Don’t think we have any local exhaust places making a k3 header.

Sorry I mis-typed. Not early GTVis, but, early Sirions. Like 98-99. If you have a look at this rear suspension for sale on ebay you can see the small rear sway bar

Do you think they dropped it for cost - or because it didn’t do anything??
:joy: it’s so small!

Do you have any extra pictures about your custom setup?

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I did say it was small. Might help a bit in cases where the suspension has to be stock for Motorsport.
I’ll have a look at what photos I have.

Some pics of it getting installed on another car

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I was and then life got in the way of things, will look at this again once I’m not working 45+ hours a week, or when I’m actually allowed to take holidays (that’s been over two years since they started saying no).

What a shame there is no 0-1300cc class.