Hi Paul from 4116, QLD - Daihatsu Cuore L700S

Hi All,

We have had a Daihatsu Cuore L700S (BUILD DATE: DEC 01) since Feb 2007 and I am amazed at how reliable and bullet proof this unit is and when seeing fuel prices hitting $1.75/L recently I am so glad we have this solid and reliable little unit. It is a pity that they have stopped importing them from Japan as the Mira is still going strong over there and the last time I was there it was cool noting the comeback of the chrome work around the lights and bumper etc.

Anyway it is about time I took a renewed interest in getting our car into good running shape and making sure it will continue on for another decade+.

I do have a question some may be able to help with - I just had a service recently to replace the rocker cover gasket and the mechanic stated the suspension is getting worn and quoted from $790-990AUD for parts and labour. I know they will just throw in a bog standard kit and I saw on a thread here that James had put in a ZerOne SSR kit;

I have found what I think is that same kit on ebay for $825 and have asked for a quote from my mechanic to have that fitted if I buy it.

Any thoughts, advice or concerns on getting that kit for the car?


Welcome. Looking forward to hearing how this all goes.

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Welcome BoldEagle, I would rather go for a BC Racing kit for the Mira, it’s a bit more expensive. But have some cuore/mira friends who really like the BC ones. Overall quality from BC is a better and more aimed towards actually improving the ride :slight_smile:


Thanks for the responses. They did come up during the research but it just becomes a bit hard to spend the same amount as what the whole car is worth just on the suspension…means I will have to hang onto it for a lot longer :grinning:

welcome to the forum :smiley: that price you were quoted really isn’t that bad considering the time taken do change all the suspension, don’t be surprised if you get quoted $3-400 odd for them to fit one you supply.

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After reading the manual and reviewing a video it doesn’t look that hard and I am considering doing it myself and will do some more research.

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With pics and info we can help via the forum as you go


i am self taught, take heaps of pics before, during and after, lay the bolts down left to right as you take them off then work backwards when putting new suspension on, also don’t forget a wheel alignment asap after changing.

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