Hi, red and black L7 from QLD, AU

Hi guys, my name is Stavross/Stars, I think a few of you know me, many would know my 2 brothers from the L2D Facebook.
I’ve been in the l2d community since April 2020, I’ve got a red and black l701s with lowered stiff springs, gold steelies with very oversized profile tyres, a little red spoiler, and black front/rear guards. We call her Trooper because she survived a lot, and as she’s been fixed a few times she’s now Trooper V3 or V4 I keep forgetting. Also may I have deleted the muffler :wink:
Nice to meet you guys :crossed_fingers:


welcome to the forum Stars :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum. I have definitely seen your name around before :slight_smile:

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