Hi there new to Daihatsu seen (gold coast QLD)

Hi there names Anthony havent really gotten into small cars and have seen the cult following with these car and thought id give it a crack. currently have a 1992 Daihatsu Mira (Aus del) which was originally a ED-10 850cc Carby car.

bought it fairly cheap with the knowledge of knowing it wasnt running, after a quick comp test and a leak down test i knew the motor was porked (that and the old owner said his son overheated it to the high heavens), Pulled the head off and sure enough cylinder one had a broken valve but 2 and 3 only had 60 and 30 psi, motor was beyond saving not worth the time to me.

so began the next adventure i picked up a 1998 m100 sirion with a 1L ej-de in it was told a very easy and common swap on these cars to make them more fuel efficent and a lil more peepy, I pulled the motor from the donor car that was simple and even getting it into the mira with the ed gearbox and that was easy had it all done in under a day with a help of a friend.

the rest to me seemed simple put a efio pump in new efi lines, fuel pressure reg, hooked everythign up mounts, radiator, etc etc but for the life of me couldnt find a ecu pinout or anything to help with the wiring and this is were i am up to stuck at a brickwall of not knowing what to do i am hoping that i can sort it and get this little buzz box going it would be nice and all

Look forward to getting the car going and meeting a few people off here


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Welcome, this may help with wiring


Did you just buy this or are you the guy selling it from the fb group?

Was the sirion ecu used?