Hi! this is my G202

hi all,

I just bought this G202 Charade '93. The car is in really good condition as you can see :smile:

I don’t have much experience with Daihatsu … neither I’m not a mechanical expert :slight_smile:
I hope to find some info here about this nice car.



Hi mate welcome, it looks in really good nic :wink:

welcome to the forum, that looks sweet as :smiley:

So shiny :heart_eyes:
Welcome to the forum mate

Very nice mate welcome, we also have a g202 in our driveway but my daughter now owns it. Its good that you got a 3cyl charade and not a 4. Yes the the 4 have more power but the 3 is less prone to the headgasket issues that the 4cyl’s have.
My daughter blew up the 3cyl engine earlier this year but not because of the engine more because of the radiator cap failed. It got over hot and she failed to notice and just kept driving. It dumped its oil somewhere wasnt on the road and it was that hot there was no water in cooling system.
We put another engine in and while it was out I got the flywheel lightened by an awesome member here and a 2 inch exhaust and that slow 1 litre charade goes maybe the equivalent to or slightly better than a 1.3 4cyl…
What front does the g202 have? ours is a 96 and has the smiley front.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I love a CB engine, they are tough little buggers and with some mods are awesome for daily and light motorsport use.

god dad thinks the 2 inch exhaust is to big on the 1.3 i have and you have it on the 1litre

it really is a little big for the 1 litre but it does surprisingly well. It really should be about a 1.75 inch.
In saying that though it is a little quieter as i put an extra hotdog in so it has 2 mufflers now and it is 2 inch from after the first bend. I was going to suggest extractor’s to her but goes ok without them after Tash is off her p’s she wants turbo anyway which she has been collecting bits as she goes so 2 inch is perfect for the future for her too. The main reason why its 2 inch is because it was part of the other parts with the f2 body kit stuff she bought and i just made the rest fit up with some 2 inch o had here.
The move is 2 inch also :wink: 850cc


Hi, thank you all for the comments. I’m very happy with the car so far.

@evilhighway mine is a little older, here is the front:


wow so clean.

VERY clean!.. Look after that baby!

Welcome, & thanks for sharing your car.

2" will be fine. ive just thrown together a turbo kit for my 1.3 charade and i have upped the exhaust size to 2" :slight_smile: