Hi to all! New here!

Hope i can have access to daihatsu L601 manual. Thanks

I hope you can tell us about your L601. Some pictures too would be nice. Sometimes one has to put something into the “tank” to get to where one wants to go.


Hi im from the phils. This is my daihatsu mover sr-xx. I was hoping if you can help me have a copy of a daihatsu move L601 or L602 manual? Thanks man!


My move is quite rare. It’s a 659 cc kei car with intercooler turbo, 4cylinder engine, 16valve dohc. This has been with me for quite a long time 5years now.


Very nice looking unit and welcome to the forums :+1:

Thanks for wel oming me!

Welcome glad you have joined us.

Thanks bro. Hope i can have acceas to move L601 manual. Thanks a bunch! :blush: :+1:t2: