Hi yo my name is juddro

What’s up
I want to access the files now.

Yo good first impression.


I have placed a lock on your user level to prevent such a shit post elevating you to access the files.

The forum is not free to host and we are trying to make a sharing community.

Please update with a proper introduction and I will raise your level.



Try this for the files you need


Wow, great first impression. You have a chance to re-do your introduction in a manner suitable for this forum, give some information about yourself and your Daihatsu history. Once this is complete, I’ll speak to the admin and moderators about unlocking your restriction.


Not hard to do a basic introduction. As you probably know, the information about our cars is pretty scarce and there are some great people on here with vast knowledge about Daihatsus in general and I’m sure they’d be willing to help, but, when you can’t even do the bare minimum (eg: a proper introduction) I’m sure no one is going to be willing to help.
My 2c

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lmao that was easier than i thought it would be …


I’ve probably sold you L80/L200/Hijet/Atrai/Cuore/YRV parts or cars.

L2 Mira EF-JL running 12psi

P.S: Why so sensitive?


Why so demanding? This is a community that helps each other - really helps each other. Communication needs to be clear and not ambiguous for everything to work. The more I have participated the more I respect I have developed for many of the people here. Basically you get what you give.

“I’ve probably sold you…” who is the “you”? It’s certainly not me. But it is certainly nice that you have a couple of Daihatsus. Please tell us more, and why not add some pictures. Or are you just interested in taking info and perhaps listing the things you sell?

Remember you have to contribute and communicate clearly. It’s not Facebook, it’s a user forum.


Because we care and give a shit.
It’s about attitude and well if I need to explain it you might not understand .
Earn some respect rather than expecting respect.
Cheers man and read what’s on and in this site an it will open up for you dude . Patients grass hopper

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