High compression 3SZ?

So, the K3-VE2 has a compression of 11:1, vs the K3’s/2SZ’s/3SZ’s 10:1. I was wondering, if it would be possible (and by that I mean also sensible) to get some VE2 parts into a 3SZ, to get a higher compression for better efficiency (and mo powah babeh)? I think the main difference is in the rods or pistons, but I’m not sure. Would be cool if that would work, but reliability is more important to me, so I’d only do it if it’s not going to tear the engine apart.

Isn’t the 3sz a 1.5L compared to the k3ve2 at 1.3L If so I assume the piston size of the 3sz would be larger than the k3ve2.

The the 3SZ is basically a K3VE with a bigger stroke (91,8 vs 79,7), and the K3VE2 is basically a K3VE with a higher compression (so 11:1 vs 10:1). They all have the same bore at 72mm

Thankyou I have never looked into the 3sz as we didn’t get them in Australia as far as I know. I presumed it was the bore size and not the stroke that was the difference. I guess I should not presume hahaha.
I guess what you would have to do is measure the pistons of both to see if they will fit the rods. You can fit k3ve2 and ve to ejde rods but with modifications to the pistons. You may be in the same boat.


Really interesting idea. A 3sz with K3-ve2 pistons and intake cam, exhaust cam from a Rally 2/4 (or the set from Compact Motorsport).
@Patrick_Hart might know more about the differences between the k3 and 3sz?


Yes. Few common mod are swapping a K3 piston, Na for sure from newer Perodua Myvi . Or as you mentioned swapping a set of K3VE2 piston and pair it with the cams.

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