Hijet mod

Hi there. Thanks for some really great content.

I reside in New Zealand and own a 2022 hijet dump truck. It is my daily driver .
Obviously, like the thousands out there, I see the potential to upgrade and would like some good advice.
I’m exploring the possibility of swapping the standard kfve motor with a kfdet ( hijet van) motor to improve the to torque and highway driving ability.
So, I’d like to know if anyone has done such a conversion and would like to know what is involved .
Specifically , does it need an ecu and fuel pump change. Will I be able to use the existing harness. If I replace the ecu will it be a simple plug into my existing harness and will all my standard functions be maintained. I’m no tech fundi and don’t quite know whether the ecu influences the standard safety features e.g. lane assist and collision avoidance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any hardware changes I should be able to take care of


Hi and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have no experience with Hijet’s and those particular engines. Hopefully someone on here will jump in and know more than I do.

No worries mate. Thanks for the welcome

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: I reckon you would need to swap the ecu and wiring loom in the least as there would be a few extra sensors and ecu functions relating to boost. may be best to get one that has been written off and do a complete swap as you may possibly need extra things also.

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Hey buddy.

Thanks for the input. I’ve noticed that some of the engines advertised on Beforward come completel with wiring looms and ecu. I’ll continue to explore the options.

Another option I’m willing to look at is a 1000cc k - series engine but I’ll need to find out whether the conversion would require too many alterations

I’ll carry on with research at this point

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Welcome to the forum.
I have wondered about the kf-det swap.
Would the kr-fe would make an interesting swap but I’m sure the sump and oil pick up would have to be changed over, as well as the ecu and loom.

I am a HiJet enthusiast but unfortunately not an owner.

Check out youtube for a Midget Engine swap where the boys from Mighty Car Mods changeout a 660cc with Daihatsu’s 1.0L motor from a Mira. Good swap info there.