Hijet S100 series Fuse panel abreviations


I’m trying to figure out the abreviations. Most make sense, except the PMNT and E/G in the second column.

If you know what they are please post and let me know.

If I could only place that image under a microscope :grin:

Hopefully this is better. Every forum works a little differently.

If you could post the specific year of that Hijet’s fuse box , I could then compare it with one fitted for Europe and then identify which fuse is represented, based on its location. Here is what one supposedly for a Hijet looks like:

It is a 96 s110P

from another daihatsu manual, E/G means Engine

and PMNT means Permanent. possibly constant 12v power?

When in doubt, simply pull each unidentified fuse and then see what happens or doesen’t happen