Hijet S110p Turbo

Hey all,

Had my little Hijet S110p a few months now and have been slowly adding upgrading it…

My next want is to add a turbo… I’m
Not afraid of a project and want to do this, just wondering if anyone has done this with a carb setup?

Currently modifying the exhaust and intake so Turbo is next step. Anyone have any experience of this?



G’day Stumpi, welcome to the forum.

What engine is on the HiJet?

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Hi stumpi,
I moved your thread from general chat to all new people as I thought it is an ok start to an intro but I think people would love to see a pic or 2 of your Jet.
In answer to your question yes it has been done before with carb setups.
To help you also let us know what engine your Jet has in it currently. They did come with quite a few different engines and I for one can never remember which series is in what hijet.
Welcome btw :slight_smile: