Hijet specs and info

Hey everyone, I’ve been a long time lurker here on and off over the past couple or so years. I think I’ve asked a couple of questions over time as I’ve always fancied a sirion or copen (or a blend of both!) But with life commitments and many other stupid ventures I never got round to owning either.
So that leads me on to the topic - I had a lovely customer give me a Hijet, something I’d always been aware of but never considered getting for various reasons. It turns out, it fits my current life requirements well. The vehicle I’ve been given is a non runner and been in bits for years, so it’ll be my little project once I’ve shifted some of my other driveway litter. As and when I get a minute spare I’ve been doing a bit of thinking and digging as to what to do with it. For some reason only the algorithm geeks know, search engines are absolute garbage now and only show sponsored and suggested rubbish. More often than not, when searching for something specific they are entirely useless and waste more time than I have spare. Hence why now I’ve given in and decided to post on here…
Is there anywhere with proper, factual specs on hijets, their engines, their gearboxes and compatibility options?
Basically, I’m weighing up whether it’s worth rebuilding the little 1.3l engine in it, or seeing if something else is worth throwing in. As stated, I love sirion, and I’d quite like a K3-VE2 in the Hijet. What I need to know is what gearbox these things use, amd what engines they bolt to.
Basically, if it means custom fab work then a friend of mine has a 1UZ 4.0l V8 which I’ll shoehorn in. But I’d rather a much more simple option if there are ones available.

Any help and info on Hijet specs and parts compatibility would be very graciously received.


I’m not entirely sure if the K3-VE2 will fit the transmission. Especially since the K3 was fit in FWD cars and the hijet is RWD (or 4wd if you are lucky).

The K3 was also fit into the AUDM J102 Terios, in north south engine mounting to a 4x4 gearbox.


Interesting to think about the terios having a longitudinal engine, I didn’t think of that. Could be a simple swap to try…
I need to get my head under the hijet and see what I can figure out it seems.

What 1.3 engine is in your HiJet?

I think It’s an HC. It’s a 1.3 4cyl from 2003 ish I think. So I’d imagine it’s the older daihatsu engine. It has coip on plug which was a shock to see on such a dated engine. I haven’t properly had a poke around it yet due to time restraints

I guess a better question to ask is what engines bolt up to the old charade GTi 's as they’ll surely have the same bolt pattern being they’re the same (ish) engine

Is it fuel injected or carby? You could probably upsize it to a HD engine 1.6L

It’s injection. The info on hijet models seems so scarce for how common a vehicle they are!

There is info out there. It seems that hi jet people and 4wd people don’t come here and share as much here even though they are more than welcome to and would I am sure we would all love it if they did.

I do have a hijet 1.3 rwd, a sirion 1.5 and a sirion 1.3 all parked next to each other this weekend. So I could check some stuff if you want to. Not sure if or what you need so let me know if I can help.

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That’d be absolutely fantastic if you could just have a looksie if the bolt patterns are similar. Even better still if you could tell me the gearbox numbers so I can do some research! When I get the time I’ll have a proper poke around mine and see what I can figure out.

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Well I tried to look but it’s near impossible to compare the bolt pattern since 90% off the bolts aren’t visible… I’ll try to see if I can find any numbers from the gearboxes.

To be continued…