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So i just noticed a strange noice coming from the right front wheel of the hijet. Does anyone know if the wheel bearings can be replaced or do you need to replace the entire hub? Since there is nothing else near the front wheel that can make this sound we assume that is must be the wheel bearing.

Thanks in advance!

If you have the DAIHATSU Hijet Van (S85), then yes, you can change the bearing. But at first jack up your car (MCM LoL), at the front right and with neutral on the gearbox, roll with your hand the wheel. If you hear the same sound you were hearing while the car was moving, it’s the bearing. Otherwise could be the drive shaft.

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Good tip, will try that out. Drive shaft is not possible. It’s a real race car with rear wheel drive :wink: it’s not the van but it has the campervan kit on it. It was clear that it came from the right front and you couldn’t hear the sound when turning the wheels so i don’t think it’s the strut bearing.

Ps: as a reward I’ll post some pictures of the camper :wink:

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Winter has fallen so I’m sorry to inform that we didn’t have the time, worm clothes and mood to check the hijet. When we do I’ll make sure to post the answer here :slight_smile:

We never found the problem. The sound had stopped so we figure it was just the old lady complaining about the weather.

But the next issue that every hijet seems to have keeps popping up. The headlights keep rusting. Original ones cost 300+ euro and imitation only 60. Anyone has any experience with the imitation lights?

New lights came in, installing them was easy. Only needed to get the knob of that controlled were the light shines (left/right). Replicas are also made of glass and looks really good so I can recommend them. They are 5 times cheaper than original so worth a try if someone needs to change the lights.

Left is the new imitation. Right one is original. You can see the orange glow from the rust.

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