What up everybody new here, i own a 95 daihatsu hijet high top van.


very nice welcome to Livetodai Forums :slight_smile:

Thank you

Welcome. Any plans for it in the future?

I wanna turbo or supercharge it

Cool. Welcome.

EF-EL? or something else in it?

If the former I’d be looking for a latter model head. Some people here love them, but the sohc 4v is very old tech and the six port exhaust is a pain. Plus I’ve seldom ever seen one that is not cracked between the valves.

While only my opinion, of the most readily available superchargers like AMR 500 they are inefficient {the AMR300 is too small for 600+cc} . Sure they are novel but that wears off quickly. They make lots of heat, and lots of noise. I wouldn’t play with one ever again though I am in the process of putting a screwtype supercharger on something. A turbo will be way more efficient and for a road car I’d try a small VNT type instead of one with a wastegate as you can get them to spool up better at low rpm. And my last (opinionated) advice is a standalone ecu with at least closed loop O2 feedback so it can be tuned properly. This sort of investment is “cheap $/HP” and makes for reliablity.

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I’m guessing it needs and intercooler as well? Where would i even get all the parts from? If anyone has some this can they point me in the right direction on wear to get everything

An intercooler for sure no matter whether supercharger or turbo. Someone else might know an “off the shelf solution”, however, all my stuff I fabricate myself.

If you could find one I wouldn’t bother with the turbo or supercharger and put an ejde in (think of it as a Kei car “big block” that has one of the best BMEP of all Dai engines).

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