Hiya from japan

drive a l700 gino. im fluent, i live here, i like helping out so lemme know if you ever need a hand with japanesey stuff.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hey mate, welcome

Welcome. Your Gino looks great in silver. I’m not normally a fan of this look, but the silver just works. Glad you have joined us.

thanks. still definitely a work in progress. only had it for about a year. lotsa plans. curious, what kinda gino look do you typically go for? theres lots of directions to take this little car. ive got my own ideas but im always looking for inspiration.

thanks all :+1:

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Only my opinion but the whole point of the Gino is to be classy and classic. The silver works for that.


Welcome to the forum. Nice car! Have you made any modifications?

I’m from Australia and love my l500 Mira.

I am always looking for the correct Japanese words to describe performance parts. It’s very hard to get parts for my car. I want to get Mira Classic bonnet front bumper bar and especially Japanese coil overs. Do you know much about that stuff?

Welcome, that is a very tide looking unit, hoping to see more pics in the future, under the bonnet, etc.

yeah ive done a couple things. most significant was the full exhaust. otherwise basically all cosmetic. got kids now so the disposable income has become scarce.

obviously nothing for a l500, but yeah im buying parts all the time off yahoo auctions, rakuten market or some other place. aftermarket stuff like coilovers and bumpers are easy, but that hood is a bit tricky. youre talking about the turbo one with the wide scoop? i think thats the same as the trxx one. best bet is probably to watch yahoo auctions until one pops up. i could help you out in a couple ways. i could write the name of the parts youre looking for in japanese and you can copy and paste to search on your own, and/or i could point you towards a couple japanese websites that sell l500 performance parts. all that may only get you so far, but im willing to help you out further if you run into trouble.


nothing exciting under there but ill put up pics as i change things. mostly working on the looks for now as its only got a na engine so no point throwing cash at it if im just gonna swap it in the future like i hope to. latest addition was a faux nardi wood steering wheel but thats not particularly exciting either.